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Who we are

Welcome to Technology Pryme Integrated Solutions, Inc. (Techpryme)! Formerly known as MDS Call Solutions Inc., we’ve embarked on a transformative journey to better encapsulate our vision, aspirations, and services.

With a robust heritage in the contact center industry, our evolution into Techpryme signifies a broader horizon, offering an extensive array of services finely tuned to address your evolving business requisites.

At Techpryme, our core commitment revolves around comprehending our clients’ unique needs. By delving deep into their requirements, we curate bespoke technology and BPO solutions meticulously crafted to resonate profoundly with each client. This personalized approach empowers us to not just meet but surpass expectations, fostering enduring partnerships rooted in mutual success.

We’re dedicated to pioneering a new era of integrated solutions, enriching your business journey through innovation, excellence, and a profound understanding of your distinct aspirations and goals.

Our Mission

Provide reliable solutions that are relevant, intuitive, and adaptable to all types of businesses.

Our Vision

To be your Go-To technology enabled solutions Partner

Company Background​

With a legacy spanning over a decade, Technology Pryme Integrated Solutions, Inc. (Techpryme) has been a stalwart in catering to the diverse outsourcing needs of businesses across the Philippines. From foundational contact center services to sophisticated Managed IT Services, our journey has been one of evolution and expansion.

As TechPryme, we’ve continuously evolved, paralleling the growth of the industries we serve. Our journey has been marked by a steady augmentation of our product and service portfolio, adapting to the dynamic needs of our clientele.

Presently, at TechPryme, our mission stands resolute: to ascend as one of the leading BPO and Technology Solutions providers in the Philippines. We’re committed to empowering businesses with cutting-edge technology and innovative strategies that fuel growth, enhance efficiency, and drive success in an ever-evolving landscape.